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We Are Wizards

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Being completely honest here, I was really pissed when I saw that we had to do a blog entry this week with our final project due this week, and all my other course work. I was subsequently even more pissed when I saw we had to watch a video that was almost an hour and twenty minutes. I was pleasantly surprised, and actually completely drawn into the We Are Wizards documentary though. Less than half way through the video I completely forgot that I was watching this for school because I actually learned so much from it, and found it really interesting to learn about the careers people have taken on from the Harry Potter films. I thought it was dramatic, funny, and downright weird at some points.

Internet has changed the way we consume media in so many different ways. For my generation, we take it for granted these days. However, Harry Potter turned into what it is in part because of the internet. I was pretty amazed to see that people started bands,voice overs, blogs, and podcasts from the movie. Even more surprisingly, these people have turned this into their careers. This was all possible because of the internet. People found Harry and the Potters and Draco and the Malfoys mostly through the internet. The girl who made the Daily Prophet ran it over the internet, something like this would never of had the outreach it did without the internet. The guy who did the adult voice overs is now a Youtube sensation. It is no longer reading a newspaper or listening to the radio, we are constantly engulfed by media. It is right at our fingertips at all times. The balance of power between Warner Bros. and the fans was one of the more interesting storylines of the documentary. I was shocked that the petitions actually had an effect on how Warners Bros policed their copyrights. The fact that a company with the unlimited resourced of Warner Bros actually took notice to mere fans petitioning and boycotting against them shows how powerful the fans actually can be. I think it showed great self control for people to boycott things all Harry Potter, and it clearly made Warner Bros take notice to what they were doing.

Fan culture is a real thing now that people take really seriously. Demonstrated through the video, it’s actually possible to make a living for yourself from the contingents of these type of followings. Even going out to the movie theatres for these releases, people line up at 6 am for a movie dressed up like characters for these films. I think the internet has a lot to do with it. One person said in the film that it was an escape from her real life. Now more than ever it is an escape. Instead of just reading a book or going to see the movie, people now can go online and read blogs about it. They can listen to podcasts or listen to soundtracks. It really has taken on its own world that can become people’s reality now. If someone really wanted to, they could immerse themselves in these fan cultures for their entire life. I think the internet is the main difference in fan cultures. Finally, some other things that I think have similar followings like this are Twilight, the new Batman movies, and Justin Bieber. I think these things bring the same hysteria to people. I’m sure the same blogs, bands, and podcasts are available to all these things, and people can make these things their reality like the Harry Potter series.

Group Progress

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Our group project has been going very well so far. I think we have been making constant progress, and I feel like we have been organized throughout the process. Our initial hurdle that we overcame was picking our topic for the video. There were really a lot of different ways that the video could have gone, but we discussed it thoroughly as a group, and made sure candid career was the best route to go. I think we are all pleased, and agree with the vision of the video. It could have been difficult, but we worked together and all put in our input to make sure we would be successful with our final project. The second hurdle that we have climbed is the storyboard. Our initial storyboard was pretty much a rough draft. We put it together how we originally planned it to go, but after discussion with the professor and ourselves we cleaned it up and really have a clear vision of the video now. I think we have a solid, organized, and planned direction that will make for smooth sailing when it comes time to start shooting. Although we have a solid plan for the video, shooting it will still be an obstacle for us to climb. You can plan as much as possible, but you know that things never go exactly how you want them to when it will come time to shooting. It might be difficult and take a lot of time, so we have to be prepaed to face that. I think we are all committed to putting the work in. The second obstacle we still have to clear is the editing aspect. Ian will be doing most of the editing because he has a lot of experience in the field, but we will probably do some as well. This could be the most tedious part of the project, and probably the most vital part to its success as well. So, it will definitely take a lot of team work and comunication. Things have been going great so far, and we are all eager to proceed further. I think our video is set up for success, as long as we clear these last two hurdles.

Creative Commons

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The picture I chose was a picture of students at a career fair. I thought this picture accurately captured what the candid career tool is all about. The tool is basically a career fair on the internet. It is a link to a lot of professionals telling you about what different careers entail, basically the same kind of thing that goes on at a career fair. I think this could a useful way to advertise to students what candid career is all about. The name itself is kind of ambiguous, but once you learn more about it, it equates to a much more conveinent career fair. I don’t think you can just make a career fair obsolete, but you don’t have to leave your house or get all dressed up to gets tons of information in the candid career tool.

The song that I picked was a jazz/ rap instrumental that I can see us putting in our video because it is easy to listen to, but also brings just a touch of excitement. I think our direction with music could go a completely different way because we are probably going to go to a different kind of commercial theme in which we might go with a monotonous song, then switch over an upbeat song. However, for the moment I figured we would play it on the safe side, and I think this song is sufficient for a song that isn’t overwhelming, but isn’t overly monotonous at the same time.

The video I picked was probably the piece I liked the best for our final project. It is a video that shows when a student is enthusiastic about why they picked a major, it gives an employer a lot more reason to hire you. The video explains that employers want people who are enthusiastic about what they are doing with their life, and how it can make for a much better and productive work environment. I think that is what candid career is all about. I think when a student can land on a major that they love, it benefits not only themselves, but also their employers. I think that is a huge selling point for candid careers because they connect students with the majors and professions they will ultimately love. It cannot be underrated how important it is for students to find something they are passionate about, and that is what candid career is trying to do with the use of this tool. I think this has a great shot of actually ending up on our final project.

Storyboard: After

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I thought the hardest part of this assignment was just putting your thoughts into words, and trying to remember all the little details that you usally take for granted. When I thought about filming, I kind of just had an understanding of how it would go, but when you have to break down to the simplest detail it becomes a lot more difficult. The only other challenge was figuring out the google docs for me because I am not really familiar with it. I thought it was hard to use, and not really user friendly. Trying to keep everything organized between three people is hard as well, and managing time will definitely be a challenge going forward. As for the creative, side I don’t think we will have to adjust too much going forward, my only question is how much we will have to edit to make this video fit into the time constraints. I think once we have all of the footage we could be surprised at how much we actually have. I think we all also have our own way of how we think the video will go, and obviously they aren’t going to be the same. I think we might have to sacrifice and really get down to detail so we are on the same page. The ultimate goal for the project remains pretty much the same at this point. I think if we manage our time, stay focused, and work together that we will be very pleased with how the video comes out.

Storyboard Creation: Before

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This week our final project really started to take shape for everyone in the group. We have finally decided on a topic for the video, and now we are starting to put all the details together. I’ll be interested to see how our video actually turns out as compared to what our plan is right now. As of now, we have a plan to how our video is going to go. Since, our topic is the candid career tool for career services we will be reenacting two students who are confused about their major. One of the main uses of the candid career tool is that it helps students narrow down majors by showing them clips of professionals in different careers. Our plan is to shoot our video in one of my group members apartments. We think we have the dialogue, and all the scenes planned out already. As far as creative direction, my mail goal is to bring personality to the video, make it a video that people enjoy watching. I don’t to say we should just wing it, but I think if we are more on the spontaneous side, it will come out feeling more authentic and genuine. Also, we have some after effects stuff we plan to do which should bring some creativity. As for the storyboard, we have to remember to think of all the minor details, everything has to be accounted for such as lighting. These are things we have thought about, which is why we have decided to film inside. We also discussed which angles we are going to shoot from to get the best footage. Our plan is to be as thorogh as possible in our storyboard, so it is pretty familiar and there is nothing unexpected when it’s time to film. I am pretty excited to see it all coming together.

Midterm Blog

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I really enjoyed the midterm because it is something that was applicable to my life. As a lot of people probably know, I am a huge Cowboys fan and sports fan. It is something I am extremely passionate about, and I would like to make it my job today, as I want to be a sports journalist. This project allowed me to create a blog for the Cowboys, to go along with my twitter account that had been created about a year ago. I made a blog on Blogger for the Cowboys, but I was really inexperienced in using all tools. Also, Blogger isn’t really that functional, and I have found that WordPress is much more useful for blogs. So, for me it was a really easy choice for what to choose for my midterm project. I found a couple pictures on the internet that I thought would look good a header, and I edited in pictures of their best three wide receivers in team history. I thought that part was pretty easy. For my theme, I just wanted to pick something simple which didn’t distract readers. I found one that I think was pretty basic to allow readers to get straight to the content. The last part was the digital media part for which I did a podcast. I took some audio from the Cowboys games, and then did a voice over with the tools we learned in audio editing. I look forward to using this blog in the future to build a resume for future employers.

Top 5

1. http://grabasandwich92.wordpress.com/2013/10/25/the-mind/comment-page-1/#comment-1

I like Ian’s blog a lot because it is simple and to the point. I am also a really interested in what he was writing about. I think a lot of people want to learn about working out, but aren’t really sure what steps to take, and I think he did a nice job of outlining this. I also like his header because it draws you immediately to what his blog is about. Overall, I think it was well done, and looks professional.

2. http://musicminute15.wordpress.com/

I thought this blog was really catchy all around. The header is really cool, and the pictures down the side are a nice draw as well. I think a lot of people care about music, and I like how he had the suggest an artist page on his site. I also think what separated it from others was the poll at the end, I thought that was a really nice touch. Between all the pictures, and the video it was a really enjoyable blog to read.

3. http://gottalovecable.wordpress.com/

This blog was really aesthetically pleasing to me. I thought the background and the header were really cool from the first time that I opened it up. Then, the posts in it were really cool to read, and they were really informative. I thought it was like reading a normal website on the internet, and many of the opinions were spot on. Really nice job.

4. http://marykatecriscuoloblog.wordpress.com/

I liked all the motivational saying that were right on the top of the page, and the Nike background grabbed my attention right from the start. I also liked the header a lot. I thought the information was really enjoyable to read, and I actually learned things that I didn’t know before, which is always nice. I thought the videos were helpful as well. Really helpful for college students too.

5. http://krosawordpress.wordpress.com/2013/10/28/welcome-to-playing-devils-advocate/comment-page-1/#comment-1

I’m pretty much a sucker for anything sports, so when I saw this one I was immediately drawn to it. I thought the header was really original and interesting. This is the type of blog that I would visit in my free time, not just for class. Thought he did a good job of posting things about the team, and keeping it current.